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The openMDM® Working group is open at any time to all new members.

In order to participate in openMDM® Working Group, an entity must be at least a Solutions Member of the Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse Members have signed the [Eclipse Membership Agreement] and have paid their membership fees. The Eclipse Solution Member fees are determined as described in the Eclipse Bylaws and detailed in the Eclipse Membership Agreement. Here you get a complete overview over the [Eclipse Membership process]

To participate in the openMDM® Working Group you additionally have to sign Exhibit F of the [Working Group Participation Agreement].

Membership fees of the openMDM® Working Group can be provided as

The amount of membership fees will be expressed as an equivalent of manpower units (employee service days). The corresponding packages or services have to be offered in advance to and committed by the steering committee:

Membership is checked annually and can be terminated, suspended or changed to a different membership class by the openMDM® steering committee if the member fails to deliver membership fees or previously committed results.

For further questions regarding the participation in openMDM® Working Group please contact:

Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH
Ralph Mueller
Managing Director
Office: +49 6251 8606413
Mobile: +49 177 449 0460
Mail: ralph.mueller (at)

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