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Why Choose?

You have been storing your measurement data for a long time in different, more or less proprietary and department specific data storage solutions. Now you find that you’re in one of the following situations:

You are no longer able to assign your measurement data, you can’t find them now, or you don’t know where to look for them.
Using openMDM® you can document your measurement data in your own terminology. You can ascribe descriptors, standardize terms and classify information. openMDM® automatically adapts to navigation and searches.

You want to compare measurement results which were generated with different tools (test equipment, software) or under different conditions
openMDM® guarantees comparability by using standardised and professionally described data storage. openMDM® processes descriptive content in the data and is thereby able to support the selection of comparison criteria, or reduce compatibility problems.

You want to evaluate your measurement data with a new method which is available from another manufacturer
openMDM® offers universal and stable standardisation and an interface concept that is open and independent of manufacturer.

You want to transmit measurement data to a colleague or perhaps a partner organisation for further processing.
openMDM® supports the storage and transmission of complete and fully specified information. Conversion problems do not arise and data are not lost.

You want to reduce specific parts of your database.
The openMDM® mechanics for classifying, segregating by type and describing information can also be used to manage life cycle processes.

You have to demonstrate adherence to guidelines (such as product liability, diligence, security or data protection).
openMDM® is able to control typical activities in the data life cycle (issuing and withdrawal of access rights, deletion, archiving). Data processing steps can be documented. By linking into company-wide authentication procedures, personal access right at the server level can be guaranteed. If necessary, additional encryption procedures can be configured.

Your team has planned various tests and you want to be kept informed on how the work is progressing.
openMDM® will provide continuous updates to give a clear overview at any given time, including the possibility of specifying workflows.

You have planned a test and specified all boundary conditions, but in performing the test you can comply with only some of these conditions.
Since openMDM® is able to keep a record of the planning of a test separate from its execution, you can reassess the relevance of test results with the benefit of hindsight.

You want to distribute your measurement data between different sites without significant losses in performance
openMDM® is based on the secure, central management of databases in a central physical storage facility. Databases can be stored in the background.

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