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ASAM (Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems) is a worldwide organization that standardizes data models and interfaces for measurement, simulation and evaluation systems. One of its most important standards is ODS (Open Data Services), that has proven itself for over a decade as a reliable basis for the management of test and simulation data. Today the standard is used by a large number of well-known companies all over the world.

In contrast to proprietary solutions, the use of ASAM ODS has some important advantages:

The standard allows to define subject-specific data models (= application models) for the administration of tests in a flexible way. Due to that many different applications can be covered. Examples of application areas are Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH), vehicle safety, engine development or driving tests.

In view of increasing legal requirements relating to proof obligation and product liability, many companies use the standard of ASAM ODS also for long-term archiving of test data. In this way it is ensured that important information can be specifically found and interpreted correctly even after many years, regardless of individual persons and the software products of specific manufacturers

Here you can find more information about ASAM and the ODS standard:

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