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What Is It?

openMDM® 5 is a kit of components and concepts, which can be used to compose applications for measured data management systems. The development of components and concepts is driven by the openMDM® Eclipse Working Group. All components and concepts are published under the Eclipse Public License.

about openmdm


Based on open standards and open interfaces, the key features of openMDM® 5 include high reusability, flexible expandability and universal usability.

Using the openMDM® 5 building block, data management systems, differing in form and function, can be configured to offer a professional management of measurement data, evaluation results and their descriptions (metadata). New systems can be constructed from existing openMDM® blocks.

openMDM® 5 is able to describe measurement data with full syntax and completely semantically. This is made possible by employing ASAM ODS to standardize data storage. This creates the potential to merge and compare measurement data from different contexts. Data can be exchanged between all ODS-compatible applications without the need for conversion. Furthermore, ASAM ODS fulfils the requirements for an archiving format: You will still be able to interpret ODS data in 30 years’ time!

All this reduce your costs for the implementation of sophisticated measurement data management systems.

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